Sizzle Catering

Bulk Catering Services

Enjoy Sizzle Popcorn without the popcorn machine for your event. 

We prepare large “25 Portion” quantity bags of Sizzle Popcorn topped with any one of our flavors.

Available Flavors:

– Ketchup
– Salt and Vinegar
– Cheddar
– All-Dressed
– Dill Pickle
– Sizzle Spicy

​Flat-Rates and Easy Delivery.

Minimum 3-Day Noticed Required For All Orders!

Popcorn Catering in Montreal


All bags of Sizzle Popcorn are prepared in house using our unique 3 ingredient Vegan Friendly Sizzle Blend.


When your order is confirmed we get started on the production process. ​3-Day notice required for all catering orders.


Once completed, orders are then delivered to your specified address for enjoyment!